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Our Story

Since 2014, V4 Consumer has been a full-service Internet Service Provider, owned & operated by ABI Business Services Ltd Company 08865269 (https://www.v4consumer.co.uk). We have been supplying high speed broadband & making available alternative high speed internet, improved MESH WIFI options, & full-service security installs to thousands of households strewn across the country for over a decade.

V4 Consumer has had long standing supplier relationships with some of the biggest wholesale networks & connectivity manufacturers in the British Consumer ISP industry, & we continue to grow by over 500x new homes per month led by our nationwide service footprint.

Essentially driven by our core mission to improve simpler yet faster connectivity options to the average British home whilst providing safe use of internet, & tech knowhow to everyday families, we fully well realise & are very humbled by the impactful work our colleagues continue to perform for everyday households up & down the country!

Of course the average British home deserves better internet, better WIFI, & we are grateful for this opportunity & the contribution V4 Consumer has made in enabling in fast, better broadband options for thousands of homes dotted across the country!


We do have a mission, this is an ode to our core values!

Of course fast broadband is good, reasonable pricing even better!

To be able to provide fast broadband options with reasonable pricing to over 50,000 households. The small things matter, & we know this! Providing safe & fast connectivity to your home & help improve WIFI options alongside every day household services such as a bundled phone line will drive our next big growth, & we would love for you to be a part!

Brilliant service, deliver amazing client aftercare, none else matters!

This has always been central to our being. We always strive super big on service. Our success over the last decade has been primarily led by how we deliver effective aftercare to thousands of homes across Britain. One of the highest service ratings across Consumer ISPs in the country, efficient aftercare remains our key goal come next few years.

Improved learning, madly passionate about the well-being of our colleagues

As is usually the case in the British ISP industry, our people look after our customer well being, & we strive big on the well being of our people! While we continue to take major strides in this area with various industry leading benefits such as reduced weekly hours, private healthcare options paid for our colleagues & their loved ones, augmenting direct customer service rewards, long term pension, it remains our goal to be of the most loved British Consumer ISPs to work for in the upcoming years!

Providing tech knowhow to average families, our pride!

Our colleagues come from the same average everyday families to where our thousands of clients belong to! We all share unrivalled passion to improving fast, safe connectivity to your home, providing internet security included in tariffs as a standard, & constantly improve those little tools with the latest in WIFI mesh options, phone lines, home working options etc.

Access to nationwide footprint matters!

Driven by our long-standing relationships with national & alternative networks, any average household can access high speed broadband across 99.9% of Britain. Backed by key automation, simpler yet latest technology in WIFI options, & genuine heart in improving tech knowhow for an every day home remains central to V4 Consumer's growth


V4 Consumer | The why & the what of ours!

Connecting Britain: Our Purpose

In the vibrant tapestry of the ever changing ISP & internet tech landscape in Britain, ours is a commitment to connect everyday families with the latest in telecoms, WIFI & connectivity, and internet security options.

1. How rewarding is enabling simple yet fast connectivity

Fast broadband is a necessity in an age driven by data and communication, our role as an ISP is to empower everyday families to see fast, yet simpler options for their internet needs. Be it tools on work from home, reasonable pricing on fast internet, or quietly supporting some of our key communities with good broadband, we absolutely love the role we get to play!

2. Fuel Innovation, automate customer experience

The telecoms & connectivity industry in part due to copper lines switch off, a big change Britain will see in decades, we see our role in this key sector as agents of change. We have invested thousands of pounds in automating customer experience, & our systems past few years. This helps our customers get access to the latest in new age phone line, fast yet simple internet options, options to better WIFI, and internet security for safe internet!

3. Aren't we embracing a digital future already?

As we navigate the changes the country will see in Openreach turning off copper lines, our vision simplifies to providing fast yet simple broadband options to 99.9% of homes. We can see emerging evidence almost every day of how bundling new age phone lines with fast internet has already helped make this complex change simpler for thousands of our clients across Britain.

4. Immense pride, helping connect communities

Thanks to our diverse network & wholesaler partnerships outside Openreach, we are quite pumped to see how our fast yet simple connectivity options delivers fast broadband with reasonable pricing to thousands of homes even in remote communities. This reinforces our belief in the past decade that we must continue to come up with tailored programs to help specific community sections where we can.

5. What does the IP-age mean to an average British home?

we see our commitment in enabling families choose simpler change to IP services for their home. A basic WIFI extender, & how it improves WIFI is quite a change in improved experience to an every day home. We recognize our role in improving access to such tech-enabled services to our customers as we near to the Switch-Off in 2025.

6. Isn't this age all about securing user Privacy & internet security

In this day & age where privacy and internet security are as paramount as ever, we prioritize internet & router security over all else. Robust security measures, transparent privacy policies, and ongoing continued efforts to educate clients about best practices when using internet has been at the heart of what our colleagues deliver in feel-good aftercare!

Speeds up to 1000 Mbps

Maximised speeds output, that delivers all your streaming, gaming, and WFHing you can throw at it.

Customer First Approach

Our ethos is built on being customer first, which means everything we do, it is guided by how it would benefit our customers first.

Fastest Broadband but Fairest Prices

We aim to provide you with the fastest broadband available in your area, at the fairest prices, this coupled with our focused intent to provide the best in class customer success, has led to 600+ independent reviews rating us as excellent on Trustpilot.


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